Monday, October 17, 2005

Traveling at the Speed of Blog

I've gotten my first comment from someone I don't know! (Yes, it sounds like something awfully trivial and bizarre to be excited about, but, hey! that's me all over.)

Welcome, Lynn Kendall of UnNatural History! Now I have to read your blog in return, I suppose. (I feel like a Jane Austen character exchanging visiting cards.)


Rose Fox said...

Ah, the joys of the blogosphere, where the moment you put up your lace curtains strange people are trying to peek through them. Happy goldfish bowl to you, to me, to everybody.

(You don't know me either. I found you via James Nicoll. I kindasorta collect blogs of F&SF writers and editors--I currently only qualify as the former, but I'm working on fixing that--and have added yours to my stash. Feel free to visit mine if you like; it's much more of the what-I-did-today variety than of the incisive-commentary-on-topical-topics variety, but hey, some people like that sort of thing.)

Heath said...

Here's another. ^_^ I read fast, but do you really read a book every two days? That's the sense I get so far, and I'm impressed.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Heath asked (just above) if I really read a book every two days.

I keep a bare-bones reading journal, as part of my attempt to finish a "book" every day. I don't usually make it (I got through 361 books in 2002, but I'm typically in the 320-340 range for a year), and I read a lot of comics collections and art books (which bring up the average quite a bit), but that's the goal.

I try to get through two books during the week, most weeks (though that doesn't always happen). And I used to be able to get through two books in a weekend, though the kids have made that very difficult these last few years.

I guess the general answer is yes; I do read a lot, and I generally finish up a "real" book about every other day.

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