Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Confession

I wrote the last post at about 8:30 this morning (after I got to work and saw the e-mail from Peter Dennis Pautz, the WFA Secret Master). But then I felt weird about being the first person to post the news on the 'net, so I saved it as a draft, and waited until I saw someone else report it. (In my case, I saw Jeff VanderMeer's blog post first, but it seems to have hit DarkEcho, too.)

I'm not exactly sure why I did that, but it didn't feel right to be the first one talking about it. (And it can be quite annoying to not understand your own motivations.)

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Anonymous said...

Seems reasonable to me! I didn't post until I'd seen it hit Dark Echo and Emerald City for precisely the same reason--even though I can't really define why.


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