Thursday, March 09, 2006

Any Book Reviewers Out There?

This is a brief, semi-professional announcement, and I promise we'll get back to frivolity and Itzkoff-bashing immediately thereafter.

I've recently gotten e-mails from two book reviewers, asking to see SFBC titles, and apologizing for bothering the editor on a publicity matter. Well, the SFBC doesn't really have a publicist (our parent company just hired one publicity person, but she's going to be very busy, and not doing the boring minor stuff like sticking books in envelopes). So I am actually the guy you want.

If you review SFF relatively professionally, and would like to see our originals for review, please e-mail me at my work address (above, in my profile). If you review online, give me a link to the site; otherwise, I'll give you my snail-mail address so you can send me clips.

I'm of the "reviews are free publicity" school, so I'd like to get our books out to as many places as I can. So let me know, if this applies to you. I haven't turned anyone down yet, but I suppose there is a certain level of professionalism I'm looking for, and I'll know it when I (don't) see it.

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