Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The News Comes By Sled-Dog to Alaska

I see (via Jeff VanderMeer) that David Marusek only found out we were all loudly arguing about him last Friday.

Marusek correctly points out that we weren't actually arguing about him, or even about his novel -- we were all pretty much just slinging mud at David Itzkoff. Now that I've realized that, I feel that somebody should defend Counting Heads; it's a fine novel and a great achievement. Unfortunately, I read it long enough ago that I don't remember it all that well. What I remember best about it are the structural issues, and defending a book by saying another critic has completely missed its real flaws is not the tactic I'd prefer to use.

I see in another blog post that Marusek wants to put together a short story collection, and plans to lobby his Tor editor on the subject. It's not my place to butt in, but, in my biased opinion, I think he'd be better off trying to do a collection with a smaller press. (I name no specific names to maintain some slight shred of objectivity.) That wouldn't screw with his Tor sales history and could help with his in-the-field cred. And the small press just seems like the right place for a short-story collection (by anyone but the very hugest names) these days.

But, whoever does it, a Marusek collection would be a great idea. If Tor bites at the idea, good for them. If they don't, I hope someone else does.

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