Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Science Fiction Hall of Fame Inductees for 2006 Widely Leaked

I can't really say this has been "announced," since there's still nothing on the official web site of the Seattle Science Fiction Museum.

But Locus is now the seventh site I've seen to list the same four presumed inductees to the Hall of Fame this year, so it looks pretty official at this point. (Also, some of those stories run the same piece from the UPI wire, so it looks like the museum just put it out as a press release and forgot to announce it themselves.)

Your Hall-of-Famers for 2006 sadly do not include Black Sabbath and the Sex Pistols, but do include George Lucas, Frank Herbert, Anne McCaffrey and Frank Kelly Freas. The official ceremony will be held June 17th, and reportedly will be hosted by Neil Gaiman.

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I can't believe Frank Herbert is not in the Hall of Fame already! What took them so long? He must be my all-time favourite author.

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