Saturday, March 11, 2006

Spectrum Award Winners Are Announced

Someday soon (I hope), the official SFBC blog will happen, and I'll post awards news there. (Unless I have something in particular to say about the works or the award itself, I don't plan to also post about it here.)

Until that day, though, I'm trying to remember to do it here, so that stimulus: award announcement, response: blog it! becomes utterly ingrained in my psyche.

Anyway, Locus Online lists the winners of the annual Spectrum competition for fantasy art (you know, the one that results in the cool book every year?). The judges this year included such way-cool artists as Brom, Bruce Jensen, Stephan Martiniere and the comics journalist Heidi "Ace" MacDonald. (They also included two previously-unfamiliar-to-me people: Christopher Klein, art director of National Geographic, and Meg Walsh, an artist whose work I've never seen but which I'm sure is also way-cool.)

Congratulations to all of the winners, thanks to the judges, and I look forward to seeing this year's book.

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