Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This is a Public Service Announcement...With Guitar

The deadline for Hugo Nominations is this Friday. Unless you have very dependable and quick mail service, your best bet at this point is to nominate online. If you're a member of LA Con IV, or were a member of Interthingy, please do take some time to think about what you read and nominate the stuff you liked best -- the Hugos are supposed to be our awards, and they work better the more people nominate and vote.

At this point I should shill for things I was involved in. I'm not a writer, so there's nothing of my own to mention. I did edit Off the Main Sequence last year, but that's not eligible for anything as far as I can figure. (I can't say I entirely understand the rules governing Best Related Book, but I'm pretty sure a short story collection is right out.) So let me instead suggest that if you liked any of the stories in SFBC's original anthologies last year (Marvin Kaye's The Fair Folk and Mike Resnick's Down These Dark Spaceways), please remember them when filling out your Hugo Nomination form.

I intend to nominate tonight -- my notes are at home -- and probably post what I nominated here, in case anyone is so blinded by my brilliant Editorial Glow (TM) as to follow me slavishly.

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