Sunday, March 19, 2006

Today's WFA Reading: 3/17

As we were all bundling into the car to take me to Lunacon on Friday (to set the scene: the characters are Yr. Humble Narrator, The Wife and Thing 2, in a supporting role in his car seat; Thing 1 was at school), the mail truck pulled up and the guy handed me a pile of small packages rubber-banded together. Besides something for a neighbor and a Pottery Barn-related missive for The Wife, the rest were WFA packages for me.

And thus I opened them in the car on the way (in and around eating lunch in the car, since we didn't have time to stop and eat -- it would have been bad if The Wife had not made it back to pick up Thing 1 from school on time on his birthday, after all).

Damn, my sentences are convoluted today. If I had more time, I'd rewrite that into some semblance of sense. But, anyway...

So I got: a British YA novel via its US importer, Mothers and Other Monsters and two issues of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet from Small Beer, two issues of Paradox magazine, and Elizabeth Moon's excellent space opera Engaging the Enemy from Del Rey. (I think I need to call their publicist and make sure there's no confusion over there about what is and isn't eligible for the World Fantasy Awards...)

Which meant I found myself putting more books into my bags on the way to a convention, which is earlier than ever for me, and is a bad precedent. I hope not to do it again.

At the convention, I got two things: The Separation by Christopher Priest (for WFA-related reasons) and a nifty book called How to Keep Dinosaurs by Robert Mash (which is exactly what it sounds like: a book for people thinking about keeping a dinosaur as a pet, with lots of descriptions of different species and wonderfully Photoshopped illustrations).

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