Monday, March 20, 2006

Today's WFA Reading: 3/20

Three packages today: three books from Knopf, one from Prime and three from Aqueduct. Not a lot, but it all looks interesting. (And "a lot" wouldn't necessarily be the best thing, since my stacks are already ominously high.)

The odd thing is that we were empanelled about two months ago, and so far I've only seen one book from Ace, one ineligible book from Del Rey, and none from DAW, Warner, Roc, Night Shade, Subterranean or Bantam. I just hope those houses aren't planning to send in everything right at the June 1st deadline; there's no way we'll be able to read their books that quickly.

(So if any of you lurking out there are the publicists of any of those lines, I for one am looking for your stuff.)

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Patrick Nielsen Hayden said...

Our jury never received a single book from DAW. Good luck doing better with them.

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