Saturday, March 25, 2006

Today's WFA Reading: 3/25

I'm still trying to post at least once a day (as training for the still-in-the-talking-stages, goddamn-do-bureaucracies-move-slowly officially-official SFBC blog), but Saturdays are still the busy days in my life, which makes that goal a problem.

(Today, for example, I had a list of stuff to do on the back of an old business card -- when your company changes names and/or locations once a year, you end up with a massive surplus of small note paper -- that was about a dozen items long, so I was zipping the Things all over North Jersey for the best part of the day.)

So it's thrilling when I get a useless thing to post: viz., that I received one book from Subterranean Press today. There we go: today's duty fulfilled.

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