Thursday, July 13, 2006

In Which I Think I'm Funnier Than The Onion

We all know The Onion, right? Satirical newspaper -- occasionally brilliant and usually incisive in an unexpected way?

Well, this week's issue purports to be from 1996, for reasons I don't know. Maybe it's just a re-run of an actual ten-year-old issue, but last week's paper was supposedly from 1906, so that couldn't have been a rerun. Perhaps this is vacation time for the staff, and they can do an issue like this ahead of time?

(Further research seems to show that this is an actual reprinted ten-year-old issue. Reasons are still unknown, but vacation is still my guess.)

Anyway, I was reading this article, about a straw space shuttle burning up on the launch pad, and I realized it ended in the wrong way. (You need to go read it first, to understand what I'm saying. I'll wait while you do...) What this story needed was something like this:
NASA spokesman Roger Laurenzi said that the space agency planned to continue with the scheduled December 19th launch of shuttle Excelsior II, which is being assembled entirely of sticks.
See? Isn't that better?


Anonymous said...

Its the Onion's ten year aniversary; the've been running old issues for the last week or so. That's what the Mon...Tue...Wed... bar accross the top is about.

James Angove

Andrew Wheeler said...

No, I meant the actual newspaper -- printed with real ink; the actual physical object itself said that it was from 1996.

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