Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Difference Between Should and Did

This morning, I should have sat down somewhere quiet and spent a few hours reading The Bonehunters. (Or perhaps gone to some of the Nebula Weekend programming, to learn and/or schmooze.)

But I did get out of the hotel, walk around the point of Manhattan, have breakfast on a park bench, and take the subway uptown to spend two hours poking through the Strand. And I've only just made it back now, in time to drop my bags in my room, peck out a quick blog post (must post every day I have access to a computer, or I'll...actually, nothing will happen, but that's just the way I am), and head back downstairs to meet a friend for a late lunch.

Downside: no work got done. Bad editor.

Upside: I went book-shopping, which is almost like work for an editor. I got seven new books, which I'll probably list tomorrow (along with a couple of other new things already at home), and I'm beginning to get used to the Strand's new layout. (Don't tell me their big remodel was three years ago -- I know that -- but I've only been back twice, including today, since then.)

All in all, pretty good. And the Nebulas are tonight...

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