Monday, July 23, 2007

The Book Topic Every Blogger Is Required to Post About This Week

Yes, I've read the first six Harry Potter books. Yes, I intend to read Deathly Hallows. No, I don't have a copy yet.

But one earmarked for me is on its way from Canada -- it was last sighted at 4:12 PM on Saturday in Mississauga, Ontario (where I hope it said hello to Rob Sawyer on its way), though, oddly, the tracking software thinks it will take until August 13th to reach New Jersey. (Especially odd, since air freight usually goes through Newark Airport and New Jersey is well supplied with interstates and warehouses for shipments coming by truck.)

Why Canada? Well, my personal copies of the first six are all Canadian, to have the original British text, and so I want to keep them matching. (Even though the British/Canadian covers have been steadily getting worse.) And, with as many books to read as I have, there's no way I was going to pay for super-deluxe speedy shipping. So I'll get it one of these days, and read it then.


Anonymous said...

Hey Andy,
I'm awaiting the Canadian one, too--turns out though, that the last few US editions have had the same text as the UK editions, so we're waiting for nothing (sniff).
Ellen Datlow

Bill said...

The UK cover art may be getting worse, but I still prefer it to the US art. I'm waiting on a copy from the UK but, being impatient (and happening to be driving through Ontario), I picked up a copy in Canada.

Michael A. Burstein said...

We may be required to blog about The Book this week, but I'm making a point not to.

Lawrence said...

I can understand where you are coming from - I have to wait for my copy too, although I will read the Dutch translation (!) of the book. And that takes about half a year. Got to avoid spoilers for that period of time.
By the way, nice blog you got over here, you are officially in my feed reader! ;)

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