Friday, July 20, 2007

ComicMix Round-Up

Bloglines has been a bit irregular lately (though it's spewed out nearly three thousand articles at me so far today, so the LiveJournal problem may finally have been fixed...right after I set up a work-around earlier in the week, of course), so I'm not counting on it to say what's up on ComicMix.

So I may have pointed to some of these things before; my apologies, if so. But this is what's new from me in the last twenty-four hours or so. First, my usual link-lists:
(A lot more of those link-lists are in process, by the way -- which means I've written them, and stuck them into the ComicsMix queue, and they'll emerge when it's time.)

Then, a report on an art museum's exhibition of comics-related stuff:
Super Hero Comics and Art

And one graphic novel review:
The Architect

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