Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mixing Things Up, Comically

First, I should say that the current plan is for me to do one longer link round-up a day at ComicMix, with something of an emphasis on comics. (I'm so incredibly tired of chasing down every last interview and review of SF/Fantasy stuff I could find -- which I've been doing for a year or so now, at several different blogs, with the flood increasing nearly every week -- so this is happy news for me.) I may be ranging further afield now, since I'm starting with comics, wandering off into SF/Fantasy realms, and then moseying on to whatever else is amusing and/or interesting that day.

As always, comment here or at ComicMix if you agree, disagree, love, hate, or whatever about anything. My e-mail is also in the profile to your left, if you want to contact me directly about something. I am also reviewing comics at ComicMix as often as I can (and other kinds of books, mostly with just words in them, here), and am actively looking for more things to review -- again, use my e-mail if interested.

Recent link-lists at ComicMix:
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