Saturday, November 24, 2007

Incoming Books, Week of 11/24

Lots and lots this week, including:
  • A big box from Viz media of manga to be reviewed at ComicMix (I may have to do a Viz-only column for next week), including such interesting-looking series as Golgo 13, Togari, and Gin Tama.
  • One other book for review at ComicMix, and one from Del Rey that I probably should cover here.
  • A comic shop trip (on the worst Wednesday of the whole year to be comics-shopping, but it was when I had time to get into midtown) got me the new Ex Machina collection, Spectrum 13, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier, which I believe all comics bloggers were required to buy this week. (Plus a stack of kids comics, for the kids.)
  • And then I went to the Montclair Book Center on Friday to pick up some special orders (two more Overlook P.G. Wodehouse novels, Steve Erickson's Zeroville, Florence King's Deja Reviews)...and, of course, I bought plenty of other things while I was there, such as How To Talk About Books You Haven't Read and the fourth Library of America Philip Roth volume. (One of these days, I'm going to have to sit down and read nothing but Roth for a month or so.)
So that was my week. On the reading side, I'm afraid it was much more lackadaisical. I had most of a day worth of good lounging-on-the-couch time yesterday, but I spent it mostly loafing and web-surfing with my new laptop. (Bad book-blogger! No cookie!)


Konrad said...

The author of Zeroville is Steve Erickson. The spelling is important to avoid confusion with Steven Erikson.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Konrad: Absolutely right; I've corrected that. That name combination can be very annoying...

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