Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Anyone Know of Any Good Accounting Blogs?

I don't honestly expect any replies, but I figured I should ask -- I'm slowly learning more about my new world, and I haven't found any serious blogging activity yet.

There might not be any, true, but I'm hoping that I've just missed it...


Anonymous said...

Wow, notice how people have rushed to list those accounting blogs. Not.

http://www.accountingobserver.com/blog is pretty technical and loaded with jargon. Not worth paying for the subscription entries, IMHO.

http://www.taxguru.net is (as you would guess) all about taxes, mostly personal income tax issues.

http://www.taxabletalk.com is really about tax law and court cases.

I send people to this one who don't know anything about accounting:


but it's one big commercial for their book. The explanations are pretty good and are actually mercifully brief without sacrificing accuracy.

Notice I didn't say any of these were "highly recommended" or "interesting" only that they are about accouting-ish topics. Sadly, "accounting" and "interesting" don't really go hand-in-hand.

We accountants do often encounter works of fantasy fiction in our daily lives. I read one just today in which a department explained that those control weaknesses found during the audit were all fixed and those problems were never, ever going to happen again. Can't wait for the sequel ; )

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Anonymous said...

If you are interested in GAAP, SEC reporting and international accounting standards, try The Accounting Onion - www.accountingonion.com.

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