Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Free Books!

Everyone else has already linked to these announcements, but I may have some readers as curmudgeonly and reclusive as myself, so...

1) Jeff VanderMeer's book The Situation was made available as a free download via Wired -- and can also be found in an infinitely snazzier collection of paper, boards, and glue from PS Publishing.

2) Night Shade Books has put up Richard Kadrey's novel Butcher Bird, also completely for free. (It's on this page, with a couple of other free things.) Butcher Bird is also published using the more traditional "you pay money and get a handsome trade paperback" methodology.

3) The mad geniuses at Tor Books have been giving away e-books for a couple of weeks now, as part of a plot (revealed recently) to get fans to sign up for what promises to be a really snazzy new homepage/community/blog/what-have-you.

So go read something, won't you?

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