Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In Over My Head

Item 1: my regular mailman came back from vacation this week. Seven packages arrived yesterday and four today. (Including some really wonderful stuff, like Jim Butcher's Small Favor and the new Yoshihiro Tatsumi collection from Drawn & Quarterly, so don't think I'm complaining or anything.)

Item 2: baseball season has started, and with it the specter of overscheduling. The Wife had a bunch of Thing 1's Cub Scout compatriots over this afternoon after school to paint their Soapbox Derby car (a kid-sized brakeless, barely steerable cart on little wagon wheels), then ran off to Thing 2's first baseball game at 5:15. (And it's real baseball this year, after two years of T-ball -- girls shunted over into the parallel softball league, playing with boys one and two years older with some actual skills, semi-real pitching, and so on.)

I headed right over there after work, pausing only to grab a quick drive-through dinner and vote for the school budget. She left about 6:30 to take Thing 1 home to finish up his homework; I stayed until the end of the game at about 8:00. Then all the hurried bedtime stuff, The Wife rushing off to vote, and finally we get to settle.

So it looks like things are getting quite busy around here -- and the next game is on Friday...

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