Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still on the Dark Side

One year ago today, I started my new job as a Marketing Manager...which makes this, I guess, my Wiley-versary.

I've been in marketing one whole year, and I still haven't grown horns. Come to think of it, nobody's taught me the secret handshake or invited me to join the world-wrecker club, either. (Perhaps I've been blackballed?) That's terribly discouraging.

But the job itself has been great, and I'm coming to enjoy accounting books. (OK, that might be a slight overstatement.) I've always liked making books...but I think I've always liked getting books to readers even more.

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Michael said...

Conga Rats to being on the Dark Side for a year .... bwaaaaaaaaaaaa !

This month I'm celebrating 20 years (OMG!) at the JHU Press Marketing Dept.

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