Saturday, December 13, 2008

Amazon Holiday Stuff

You know there's a major holiday coming up -- for those of us in the Western world, at least -- and that many very thoughtful types think that consumer spending for said holiday, particularly in the USA, will help determine just how bad this current recession will be?

The corollary of that -- if you agree with it all -- is that it's our duty, all of us, to spend as much money as humanly possible to keep the economy going. (Although that's supposedly what got the economy into this problem in the first place.)

Amazon, that world-bestriding colossus of commerce, is doing its bit to help out that effort, with some special deals and offers in honor of the bleakly festive season:

You can save 20% off boots -- stylish and fancy boots, it looks like -- from by clicking on this here banner.

Also, if you spend more than $50 at Endless, you'll get a $5 credit for Amazon MP3 downloads, which is either useless or a nice way to test things out, depending on how you feel about MP3s.

There's also a deal in which you get $5 of free MP3s by spending $25 on CDs or stuff from the Electronics store. (The latter of which should be pretty easy, if you're buying anything at all electronic.)

This all expires at one second before midnight on Christmas Day, so -- if you're interested -- do something before then.

Oh, and, before I finish, let me throw another random banner at you. How about...Amazon's Industrial & Scientific store?

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