Monday, December 15, 2008 Not the Worker's Paradise

The Times, apparently twiddling its thumbs during this dearth of actual news, sends a reporter undercover to an Amazon warehouse in Marston Gate and discovers that warehouse work is back-breaking toil performed in thrall to an unstoppable clock.


The Brillig Blogger said...

You're telling me this now, after I've clicked every link from the past few weeks in your blog about all of the wonderful products Amazon is offering on such wonderful terms and ordered one of each of them and two each for the ones whose alphabet letter numeric equivalents led to a digit sum of 7?

Andrew Wheeler said...

Brillig: Life is pain; Amazon is no exception.

And, besides, I'm linking to the US version of Amazon, which is run by a benevolent Christ-like lion called Asl*n, has ambrosia on tap for all, and pays workers their weight in Krugerrands on a daily basis.

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