Monday, March 23, 2009

A Shout-Out To All My Librarians!

The Eisner process of judging is very unlike anything I've done before -- I might get into the odder aspects of it in the future, once the tumult has died down -- and, because of that, I've been scrambling to get copies of as many nominated works as I could before flying out there on Thursday. (The countdown has begun.)

I couldn't have done any of it without the help of my local library system, which I've been using extensively to gather these books. And, so, by way of tribute, I'm going to list all of the individual libraries that have books in my house right at this moment. (The fact that I like to make lists might also have something to do with this.)
  • Passaic County Community College
  • Paterson Free Public Library
  • Clifton Public Library
  • Wayne Public Library
  • Ringwood Public Library
  • West Milford Township Library
  • Little Falls Public Library
  • Pompton Lakes Public Library
  • Alfred Baumann Library, West Paterson
  • Julius Forstmann Library/Passaic Public Library
I've also had books from the Cedar Grove and Caldwell libraries at times, though not at the moment. That's over half of the system, though my competitive side wants to aim to get books from all of the eighteen libraries before I'm done!

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