Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have You Seen This Design Before?

I suspect my usual audience won't have a clue about this, but it's been bugging me for more than a month now, so I'm throwing it open to the world.

This book right here -- called Ordinary Greatness, a great upcoming book about leadership skills from the finest book publisher ever to be headquartered in Hoboken -- has a cover that keeps distracting me. I'm sure that there's some other item, probably some kind of business book in the last ten or twenty years, that had a yellow cover with a sun motif and red accents, but countless wasted hours of searching have turned up nothing.

So, I ask you: does this book remind you of something? If so, what? Please help me scratch this annoying mental itch, if you can.

(Don't get me wrong -- I like this cover a lot. It just keeps reminding me of something...and I can't remember just what that "something" is.)


Nadine said...

Yes, but it reminds me of a self-help book.

dsrtao said...

-- in an earlier version, the cover was simpler and had no award bezants.

Matthew J. Brady said...

It reminds me of the recent graphic novel The Eternal Smile.

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