Monday, April 06, 2009

Name the Angry Robot

HarperCollins's new global SF publishing imprint, Angry Robot, has a miffed mechanoid for its logo. But he won't be nameless for long. (I expect he'll stay angry as long as the imprint is active, which I hope will be quite a long time.)

They're running a contest to name the choleric cyborg, and the winner will get copies of their first seven books, plus a Mystery Prize to be named later. If you think you've got a good name for that affronted android, just click here and enter.

If you have a bad name for him...leave it in comments here. How about Whoopsy Flopdoodle? Or The Pansy Hunter? Or perhaps Sven Svennson?

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Tom said...

We'll go with the ubiquitous "Colbert." Maybe I'll be ahead of the curve on this one.

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