Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Question for BEA Attendees

Book Expo America is back in New York this year, so I'll be there for at least one day. Unfortunately, I'm going to be off at a conference -- the annual meeting of NACVA in Boston -- through that Friday, so there's no chance that I'll make it to BEA on Friday.

But here's my question: is Saturday a substantially better day to be at BEA than Sunday?

I'd have to dismantle the booth Friday at 4, and then drive home to Jersey that evening -- after spending a long day selling books to accountants -- to make it on Saturday. But if Sunday is a dead zone with hardly anyone around and only picked-over remnants of giveaways, I'll make the effort to be there on a day when I can see people.

So, any of you who have attended BEAs (especially in New York) -- what's Sunday like, compared to Saturday?


Anonymous said...

BEA Sundays are usually pretty dead; NY's not as bad as LA, because more people are closer to home. But Saturday is def. the better choice.

Unknown said...

Been going for 20 years.

The last day is ... ah, quiet.

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