Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Witches, and the Blades Thereof

Close to a year ago -- some books take more time to read than others, and some take months just to gather the courage to open -- Cat Eldridge of Green Man Press asked me to read and review a book for him. It had taken down one of his usual reviewers, he said -- she had asked to have it taken off her hands, and so Cat needed someone with a strong stomach, a way with invective, and a willingness to go big-game hunting.

(I mentioned this book when it arrived, so you readers can see for yourself just how long I have been dawdling over it -- and, by extension, how patient Cat must be.)

But everything must, eventually, come to an end. And so, now, it's my pleasure to link you to my review of The Witchblade Compendium, Volume One. I warn you: I'm a bit opinionated there, even for me.

(And, if that review makes you actually want to buy the book -- even though I'm standing there frantically waving my hands and trying to wave you away -- please use this link to do so.)

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