Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Search for the Worst Cover Ever Continues!

Orbit is in the middle of a promotion to create the worst SFF cover ever, which I think is a wonderful -- and totally achievable -- goal that reflects very well on them as an organization. I'd mentioned their plan once before, when they were looking for title suggestions for that book.

Their plans have now hit the next level; they have five potential titles -- some of the worst possible titles for SFF books ever -- and are asking readers to vote on which one should be immortalized.

And one of those titles -- Rise of the Fallen, Book Seven, The Pre-Antepenultimate Battle -- was suggested by Your Humble Hornswoggler.

Now, I don't think it would be entirely right if I were to urge you to go to the voting site -- which I've conveniently linked RIGHT HERE -- and vote en masse for that title...so I'm not going to do that.

But I do urge you to vote for whichever title you think would make the best bad cover.

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Victoria Strauss said...

The worst SFF cover is already out there...on the website of some micropress somewhere. Complete with title. And without a shred of irony.

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