Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vegas Update

I'm still here, though I'll be gone early in the morning. (Not quite as early as my flight out on Sunday, but plenty early enough.)

And it looks like I will have managed the difficult trick of spending three days in Vegas without 1) gambling, 2) drinking, 3) seeing a show, or 4) doing any of the less-savory activities this city is known for. Harrumph. I didn't think I was actually that boring, but this isn't a great city to be visiting alone for a person who doesn't like to gamble. I also note that the heat makes one disinclined to go anywhere or do anything.

(Having four early mornings in a row -- one on the way here, and three here -- has also cast a pall on the idea of going out to do something "fun.")

But next time I really must drive in from LA with a Samoan lawyer and a car-load of assorted pharmaceutical mood enhancers.

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