Monday, August 03, 2009

An Amazon Question

Has anyone else noticed their cross-linking getting more sparse lately?

What I mean is: books used to regularly have links to their other editions, but now I'm increasingly finding paperbacks and hardcovers detached from each other. (Here's one example -- Francine du Plessix Gray's most recent book, in paperback and hardcover, without the usual cross-linkage between the two.)

On a related point, when I search on their Affiliate site under "books" (not "Kindle"), I'm finding that it gives me the Kindle edition first and not displaying the highest-ranking current real-paper book edition. And, as you know Bob, the Kindle editions don't earn a penny for Affiliates, so said Affiliates would generally not knowingly want to link to the Kindle editions.

Given their recent search-related kerfuffles, I won't even begin to guess as to how much of this is deliberate...but it is definitely interesting.

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