Friday, August 14, 2009

Wiley Planning for Layoffs in UK, Possibly Australia

The Bookseller reports that John Wiley & Sons is currently consulting its way to eliminating 45 jobs in the scientific, medical, technical, & scholarly division in its Chichester, UK offices. There may also be 15 job losses in Melbourne, Australia.

The work of the to-be-laid-off employees -- though not the employees themselves, and possibly not the headcount -- will be transferred to Wiley's Singapore offices.

Best wishes to all of my colleagues during this unpleasant time, and my vain hopes that exactly 45 of them in exactly the right jobs in Chichester will find better jobs elsewhere during the course of the consultation.


Anonymous said...

Definitely Australia.

Anonymous said...

This will be the first of many more layoffs at Wiley as large bits of the STMS business begin to implode. With no new business models, appalling change management, weak SVPs, a 'new' platform that is 2 years late delivering content in formats that have already peaked, the cards are stacked against W-B.

The P&T and HE divisions should start looking now how best to break away from W-B before it takes the whole business down. If the sharp-elbowed antics of the self-serving, inward looking empire-builders who are leading the business into disaster are left unchecked, the company will be no more than a distant memory in years.

When it happens, the endgame will play out so fast, it'll make your head spin.

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