Monday, July 05, 2010

Supersize Your Kindle!

Two days from now, Amazon will release the all-new, super-spiffy, neato-keano, ultra-wonderful and mega-gigantic second generation Kindle DX, as part of its latest salvo in the e-book wars. The new giant-sized Kindle DX comes in at a good hundred dollars cheaper than the launch price of the first edition Kindle DX (though you can grab a 1G DX right now for $359, as Amazon tries to clear out their inventory ahead of the new one [1]).

The new DX comes in a soothing grey, and is still large enough to read a newspaper or magazine on. And its battery life is about as good as you can get from any e-reader -- roughly a week, even with their wireless connectivity on, and longer without it. Amazon is happy to natter on and on about its other wonderful qualities, if you're interested, at the link above -- but I'll stop here. If you want a large-format e-reader, presumably you know that already.

On the other hand, if you're annoyed with slow page turns -- still faster than most human beings turn actual pages, true, but slow as electronic thingies go -- and demand full-color in your large oblong hand-held devices, might I interest you in an iPad?

And, if you're a real curmudgeon -- much like myself -- you may instead want to peruse the selection of old-fashioned print-on-paper books.

But, please, for the love of Mike, buy something. It's so sad to look at my Amazon statistics and see that I've made only 42 cents recently. Remember -- only your frenzied spending can stave off a double-dip recession!

[1] You didn't hear this from me, but, if you really want a 1G Kindle DX cheaply, your best bet is to wait a few days and check out Woot! -- which Amazon just bought -- just after midnight Central time each day. I have no solid knowledge when -- or even if -- it will show up there, but I'd bet money on it.


Kindle said...

What I love about Kindle is its Sleek & Light feature. Kindle is lighter than a typical paperback and as thin as most magazines.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Thank you very much, Kindle! Where else can you have a consumer device telling you what it likes best about itself, I ask you?

Kindle, Bachelor #2 wants to know if you enjoy long walks on the beach....

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