Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thoughts on Editorial Explanations

It's hell, trying to live up to your own expectations.

I have an image in my head of what Editorial Explanations -- that's my new blog, which launched out of this one, and is still going, over there {gestures vaguely}, in case you've forgotten -- is supposed to be, but I disappoint myself pretty regularly.

It's not supposed to be me making fun of political cartoons that express an opinion I disagree with, since that would just be petty and partisan. (And, likely, not very interesting or fun for long.) But I feel myself always sliding in that direction, and always trying to take a colder look at cartoons and asking "is this one really hard to understand, or do I just disagree with it?"

I also think I've been posting too many cartoons, in the spirit of playing with my new toy as much as possible -- Editorial Explanations should focus on the bizarre, inexplicable, utterly lame, and incomprehensibly brain-damaged, no matter what their political stripe is. And there aren't a dozen cartoons that weird every day. (At least, I hope not -- all of those odd foreign ones I've been adding to the queue are just that horrifying because I don't understand the context, right?)

And, finally, I'm beginning to wonder about myself, because the day right after I finish my big "Book-A-Day" project here, I dove into this new thing -- which wasn't even one of my front-of-mind ideas for the next blogging project. I may need to be kept busy, for my own or everyone else's good.

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