Saturday, October 01, 2011

Books Read in September

This was the month the Hornswoggler compound struggled to recover from Hurricane Irene and the subsequent flood -- we got electricity, gas, and a hot water heater within a week, and a washer & dryer the next week, but, as I write this, we still don't have a furnace, and the reclaiming of the basement will probably take another couple of months and more money than I want to think about. (Though I do have to thank FEMA for their prompt financial assistance.)

Anyway, that meant it was yet another month in which outside forces -- I'm not even mentioning the frenzy at work this time around -- kept me from reading much, or spending much time thinking about books. But here's what I did get through:
I'm hoping that October brings something more normal, but I'm coming to fear that this level of reading is the new "normal."

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