Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I thought that my second blog -- Editorial Explanations, visit it daily, your home for the best sarcasm and snark about editorial cartoons for nearly a year now -- was about as meta and recursive as one could safely go, since it exists to comment humorously on an art form that comments humorously on the news, which itself is often pretty humorous.

But I've just learned that the quirky tumblr They Might Be Hipsters -- user-generated content in which lyrics by They Might Be Giants are slapped on top of pictures for usually explicable artistic reasons -- itself has spawned a critical tumblr, They Might Not Be Hipsters, which seems to be primarily obsessed with pointing out that random Internet people are not professional designers.

Now that is meta. And pointless, but, then again, this is the Internet, isn't it?

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