Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Read in January

The reading project of the last eight months or so has been entirely absent from these monthly lists; I was about half a year behind on reading The New Yorker when I hit convention season last June, and I've been catching up ever since. (As I type this, ten days before the end of the month, I'm down to two issues unread, and one of them came in the mail yesterday.) So it's entirely possible that book-reading will pick back up, but perhaps it won't -- as my sons keep getting older, life gets more and more complicated and busy, so I try not to make guesses that vague.

It maybe time for another reading project in the next couple of months, though -- I have three in mind right now (more along the lines of HELP than Book-A-Day), but I need to get the books to do any of them. (I had nearly everything for one of them, and lost it all in the flood, but #2 is just as ready now as it was then, and #3 is a new idea entirely.) Anyway, that's the future, and this post is about the past.

Here's what I read this month:
Coming up next: February. A dark, cold month, which is excellent for staying inside and reading.

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