Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

We all know about sharks as a business metaphor -- you swim with sharks, you dive into the shark tank to get funding, and so forth -- but there's now a competing metaphor of the dolphin.

Unfortunately, the places where I've seen it -- no links for now, so I can be expansive -- don't seem to actually understand what dolphins are like, instead thinking of them as sweet, lovable and supportive BFFs of the sea. This is, of course, not at all the case.

So, your real choice when choosing to swim with large, powerful, streamlined sea creatures -- when picking between sharks and dolphins -- is to ask one question: Do you want to deal with things that want to eat you, or ones that want to fuck you?

And you can take that last question as literally, or as metaphorically, as you'd like.

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GordonVG said...

According to Malcolm Brenner, fucking a dolphin is quite a good time:

---Gordon V.G.

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