Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All Hail the New Boss! Same as the Old Boss!

I've been thinking about the stuff I post to my Tumblr and the stuff that I post here, and not really seeing a strong difference in type, theme, or content. (The Tumblr posts are, of course, typically shorter.)

So I'm now experimenting with re-integrating those short posts here, to simplify things for all of us.

I started out using Google Reader shared items to point to links, which was really seamless with my RSS-reading experience, and, when that went away with Google+ -- have I mentioned that big companies don't understand their customers, and routinely break good things to introduce glittery junk? -- I started up the Tumblr, which has stayed mostly links and short commentary, with only a few images and videos. Since I'm really not using Tumblr to its full capacity -- and since I might start dabbling in Pinterest soon, since I'm a marketer and have to keep on top of all this stuff -- I'm trying to concentrate and simplify as much as possible.

Those of you who read this via Twitter or Facebook shouldn't see a difference, since that all integrates mostly smoothly, but there will probably be more Antick Musings posts and few (or no) Hornswogglets posts going forward. And all of the making-fun-of-editorial-cartoons material (five days a week! multiple posts most days! two really long posts already this week!) will continue to live on Editorial Explanations, which is entirely its own thing.

And I hope it all continues to be at least a pleasant minor distraction when you're supposed to be working.

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