Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The IKEA Suburb of London?

This article from the Globe and Mail -- a Canadian paper, which is probably relevant -- has been getting some increased pick-up over the past few days, among people intrigued and/or appalled by the idea of Swedish flatpack furniture giant IKEA building an 11-hectare London neighborhood.

I'm more interested in that article's dateline: the very first day of this particular month (April).

I'm not saying it's fake -- I'm just saying that it's quite difficult to take seriously.

And the lesson is what the lesson always is: don't take things at face value. Who is telling you this? How are they telling you this? Is it clearly slanted to drive a particular reaction?

And, most importantly: are you really as stupid as they think you are?

I certainly hope not.

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Anonymous said...

For me to believe this, the suburb would have to be 11 cubic hectares, with the living area compactly arranged underneath a sleeping loft.

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