Friday, July 03, 2015

A Perfect Day to Die

History doesn't exactly repeat, but it does rhyme. And that's even more true for the history of music, which is supposed to rhyme a lot of the time anyway.

Which is to say: I've recently found a newish band that sounds like they could have come right out of some mid-80s club, a lost Goth powerhouse that could have shared a bill in some grimy venue with Bauhaus or the early Cure or Sisters of Mercy.

(And I mean that all as a good thing -- strong keyboard lines, ominous atmosphere, a singer with a great declamatory tone, a tendency to long and intricate songs, mysterious spoken-word quotes setting the tone -- and as a signpost to identify folks like me who might not have realized they would be happy discovering a new band in that idiom.)

These guys are Knifight, and while it looks like they've been around for a few years, I discovered them with their new album V.

And it looks like I can stick a widget in here that will let you listen to that whole record, so how about less of me talking about music, and more experiencing music? If this is the kind of thing you like, you'll know pretty quickly, and then you can pay for it in whatever method you prefer these days.

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