Monday, January 25, 2016

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 1/23

Greetings, cake-sniffers!

Did you all survive the Snowpocalypse? (Or, if you live anywhere but the US East Coast, are you smugly happy that it happened somewhere else?)

Either way, welcome to Monday once again. I list some books here every week, historically because they came to me in the mail from publicity folks. This week, I do have a couple of those, and one book I paid money for, to mix things up.

In the Surprises in the Mail category, I have volumes 2 and 3 of Hajime Segawa's manga series Tokyo ESP, which is (as far as I know) about teenagers at school, their various superpowers, young love, the fate of the world, and all that usual stuff. Both of these volumes were published by Vertical -- it would be odd if they had different publishers, since they came in the same package -- but I'm not entirely sure when they were/are published, since the books just say "2015" and "2016." (And, as you know Bob, a year is a long time. And eight is a lot of legs, David, but leave that aside for now.)

The book I paid money for is Gahan Wilson's Out There, a collection of his cartoons from The Magazine of Fantasy and SF. I got it from Fantagraphics, its publisher, in their big Black Friday sale, which surprisingly included things that hadn't been published yet (like this). Getting this book, I realize it's more to my tastes than expected -- I got it because it was a new collection of Wilson cartoons, but I didn't realize the F&SF connection, or that it also included the short stories and book-review columns he also did for the magazine over the same period (1964 to 1981 -- are those the Ferman years, more or less?) So this is a better book than I thought it was, which is always gratifying.

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