Monday, February 20, 2017

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 2/18

My SFF-loving peeps might possibly have been unhappy with this feature lately -- since I get so much manga, the SF and Fantasy books aren't as dominant. But, just for them, I have an all-SFF edition this week, due to popular demand!

(Actually, not: like every week, what gets listed here is purely because it's what showed up in my mailbox. But we can always pretend otherwise, right? Make up our own "alternate facts" when the world doesn't fit our preconceptions?)

So first up is V.E. Schwab's alternate-world fantasy A Conjuring of Light, the third and final book in the Shades of Magic trilogy about four warring alternate color-coded versions of London. The first one was a NYTimes bestseller, so I expect a lot of you are waiting for this book -- and you can get it as a Tor hardcover on February 21.

Also ending a fantasy trilogy: J.F. Lewis's Worldshaker, coming from Pyr in trade paperback on February 28. This one is the Grudgebearer Trilogy, and, since this is the big finish, there's the usual evil lord who has raised an army of the dead who must be stopped by the usual rag-tag group of heroes, in this case including the new god of death (which sounds awfully convenient).

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