Monday, September 04, 2017

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 9/2

If you're an American, today is a holiday that you try not to think too much about, because we're deeply schizophrenic about it. (It should be a holiday to celebrate organized labor, but the US is too far to the right to be comfortable with anything as leftist-sounding as that.) If you're not an American, you probably had a Labour Day a few months ago, and might even be making an "Americans, late and confused as usual" joke in your heads.

You may have a point.

Anyway, what's important is that today is a Monday, and every Monday morning I put up a post to list the books that came in my mail last week. Once upon a time, when I was responsive to publicists and just recently out of fiction publishing myself and blogging was actually a viable way to drive publicity, those books came in a steady stream. Nowadays, when none of those above things are true, I'm surprised I get any.

And last week, being the end of summer -- a quiet time in any industry, and doubly so in publishing --was a bad bet for free books to begin with.

So this week I got nuttin' for youse (he said in his best Joisy accent). Try back next time. Or go back to yesterday, when I probably* posted a list of books I bought this week. And think about organized labor today, if you are American.

*Probably, because it's what I'm intending to do next. So it's in the past to you now, but the future to me as I write this, and there's a chance it won't happen....

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