Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Read in December 2018

This is how my latest run of Book-A-Day ended. As I type this, I have posts written and scheduled through the 21st and have read books for posts through the 30th. So even if I utterly fail on the reading-a-book-a-day part of this project from this moment, I should still be able to have a post about a book every day through the end of the year.

But, of course, I intend to keep reading, so Book-A-Day is currently (tentatively) scheduled to run through about January 14. And here are the books that will end that run:

Jay McInerney, Story of My Life (12/1)

Gilbert Hernandez, Birdland (12/1, digital)

Herge, The Adventures of Tintin, Vol. 3 (12/2)

Michael Kupperman, Tales Designed to Thrizzle, Vol. 1 (12/3, digital)

Claudio Persanti and Lorenzo Mattotti, Stigmata (12/4, digital)

Al Columbia, Pim and Francie: "The Golden Bear Days" (12/5, digital)

Joyce Farmer, Special Exits (12/6, digital)

Charles Forsman, The End of the Fucking World (12/7)

Jeff Vandermeer, Annihilation (12/7)

John Allison, Max Sarin, and Liz Fleming, Giant Days: Not on the Test Edition, Vol. 3 (12/8)

Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer, and Erin Humiston, Calla Cthulhu, Vol. 1 (12/9)

Chris Roberson, Francesco Biagini, and Stephen Downer, Michael Moorcock's Elric: The Balance Lost, Vol. 1 (12/10)

Matt Wagner, Mage: The Hero Denied, Vol. 1 (12/11)

Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang, Paper Girls, Vol. 5 (12/12)

Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, Saga, Vol. 9 (12/13)

Nicholson Baker, House of Holes (12/14)

Larry Marder, Tales of the Beanworld (12/14)

C. Tyler, You'll Never Know, Vol. 2: Collateral Damage (12/15, digital)

C. Tyler, You'll Never Know, Vol. 3: Soldier's Heart (12/16)

Tim Truman, Scout, Vol. 1: The Four Monsters (12/17, digital)

Tim Truman, Scout, Vol. 2: Mount Fire (12/18, digital)

Tim Truman, Scout, Vol. 3 (12/19, digital)

John Boswell and Dan Starer, Five Rings, Six Crises, Seven Dwarfs, and 38 Ways to Win an Argument (12/20)

Jim Woodring, Poochytown (12/21)

Tim Truman, Scout: War Shaman (12/22, digital)

Eddie Campbell, Bacchus Omnibus, Vol. 1 (12/23)

Eddie Campbell, Bacchus Omnibus, Vol. 2 (12/24)

Kaoru Mori, Emma, Vol. 1 (12/25)

Kaoru Mori, Emma, Vol. 2 (12/26)

Kaoru Mori, Emma, Vol. 3 (12/27)

Kaoru Mori, Emma, Vol. 4 (12/28)

Kaoru Mori, Emma, Vol. 5 (12/29)

Brandon Graham, Royalboiler (12/30)

Martha Wells, Exit Strategy (12/31)

And that was that. I don't expect to keep up this reading pace in 2019, particularly given some changes in my work situation. But it was fun while it lasted. Let's see what I do manage to read next year: I'll list it here, whatever it is.

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