Friday, November 19, 2021

Quote of the Week: She Said What?

Surely things are starting to change? Here I am, a woman writing a book about swearing. As far as I know my friends don't hold me in contempt for my obsession with taboo language; my sex has never made me feel as though I shouldn't swear. Research shows that women are using swearing and other equally powerful forms of language more effectively than ever, but that same research shows that doing so still comes at a greater social risk for women: a man swearing is more likely to be seen as jocular or strong; women are likely to be seen as unstable or untrustworthy. To which I can only ask: where the fuck did this bullshit come from?

 - Emma Bryne, Swearing Is Good for You, pp.146-147

And then she proceeds to lay out the research in question, to explicate some of what we know about the bullshit, and, maybe, where it comes from.

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