Thursday, July 16, 2009

Amazon Sayeth: Go to School, Buy a Kindle

I'm clearing out my inbox, and I have two separate messages from Amazon asking me to send them business, so I might as well shove them together here.

First, they note that school will be starting up again soon (in a week or so for younger folks in more-benighted regions of the country; after Labor Day, as God and George Washington intended, where it counts), and that those students might need stuff.

Amazon is ready and willing to help out those students, whether they be clean-cut college-bound sorts or tow-headed school-aged tykes. So, if you need stuff for the student close to you, you can follow those links to buy some of it.

Second, Amazon recently cut the price on what it's now calling the "Six-inch Kindle" (all jokes left to the dirty minds of listeners), and would like everyone to know about it. I've recently discovered that I don't get a penny when people buy Kindle books, so it's not actually in my interest for you folks to buy a Kindle. But it's a measure of my utter devotion to you, the home viewer, that I'll give you a Kindle link anyway.

Because I care, goddammit.

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