Sunday, April 12, 2020

Low Content Mode = Time for a Personality Quiz!

Yes, I'm still here.

(Like all of us, I'm stuck here for the duration, sheltering in place even more than I was a month ago.)

About a week ago, linked to what purported to be a more-serious version of the Internet staple, the "which tree are you?" quiz. (Tor post, actual link to the pompously named Open-Source Psychometrics’ Project’s Statistical “Which Character” Personality Quiz.)

And we all want to know which fictional characters (or tree, or small furry creatures, or Pirates of the Caribbean movies, or whatever) we are most like, don't we?

I know I did. And it was a Sunday where I couldn't really leave the house, so I ran through the quiz.

And (you have a to imagine a drumroll here, I'm afraid -- though some '90s homepages would have embedded a tinny sound of a drumroll, and who would have thought that era would have any web functionality that we'd want to keep?)....

I am most like a character whose movies I have not seen:

But I like ol' Green Goliath -- I followed the Peter David run of the comic, more years ago now than I want to admit, and am fond of the Gamecube video game -- so that's fine with me.

The site gives an exhausting -- no, literally exhausting; it runs to 540 entries down to 22% matches -- list of also-rans, but who's got time for that? I took a quick screenshot of the top 10, which is what the site creators should have done (and put the rest behind a "obsessives click here" jump link).
Several of those characters are familiar to me, and I even agree with a couple of them. (Not totally thrilled with Flitwick as such, but happy to see my self-identification as Ravenclaw is confirmed.)

Anyway, I am hereby recording this for posterity, in case I ever want to know how closely I matched Lucius Fox (81%) or Mr. Darcy (80%) or Hermione Granger (80%) or Homer Simpson (26%) in the year 2020, sometime in my own indefinite future.

I hope this quiz gives you an equal amount of frivolous momentary amusement in this dark time.