Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Book Marketing 101: A Hiatus

I didn't have a particular topic in mind for this week, and I've been off at a conference in Las Vegas this week, so this week is going to be a bye.

But I did have two things I wanted to mention:

First, that one major inspiration for this series of posts has been The Book Publicity Blog, which I've been reading with great interest for many months now. I'm constitutionally incapable of doing a single-topic blog, but I do greatly admire those with more focus than I. It's written by a real book publicist, and is full of great thoughts on how it works and what authors can do. It made me want to cover some of the same territory from the slightly different perspective of marketing, which led to this series.

Second, I want to know what topics you readers most want to know about. What parts of marketing make the least sense to you? What questions do you have?

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Nick said...

I'm actually about to move from STMS to P/T in the very same company you work for Andrew and I've never worked in books before (having been a journals/newspaper person for my entire career). As a result, I've been following this pretty closely, having originally come to this blog as a sci-fi fan.

So I'd like as much of the basics of professional/trade type books marketing as possible, but specifically about the internal processes of getting a book from original idea (be it a publisher or author's) and about what makes marketers pleased to work on a title and what pisses them off about one.

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