Monday, July 06, 2009

Help Make the Worst SFF Cover in the World

Orbit, the SFF imprint of the Hachette folks, knows that all of us on the Internet like to do nothing more than complain about cover art. But, unlike those other publishers, they're going to do something about it.

They intend to create the worst SFF cover ever.

Sure, the competition is high -- what about this German horror for a Lois Bujold novel? -- but I'm confident that they can do it. They will need your help, though: right now they're still looking for the perfect bad title.

So go to Orbit's blog and enter your suggestions for the worst possible SFF title. You might even find that someone has been there before you, with some titles (he said modestly) that are about as horrible as can be imagined.

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kgbooklog said...

I got a bit carried away with my entry, which will probably be disqualified due to not leaving any room for the art.

Anton Gully said...

Enough with the Dark Lord Already! (Book II in the Oy’Vey Chronicles)

This really tickled me.

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