Monday, July 06, 2009

Penguin UK Sending a Hundred Employees Packing

The Bookseller has the full story, but here's the gist: they're doing a massive reorganization (after a "consultation," which I still think sounds very weaselly, though I'm prepared to change my mind if someone can point me to an instance where a company consulted and then didn't lay off the massive number they expected to), several very senior people are leaving, and there's a lot of talk about The Future!

They claim that this has nothing to do with the worldwide economic slump, and, if you believe that, I have this lovely bridge on the Thames that you might be interested in.

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Ian Sales said...

The consultation is required under British law - 90 days if 100 or more people are being made redundant. During that period, the employer is legally bound to try and find the employee at risk another position in the company - which, of course, doesn't always happen because there may be no suitable positions available. In which case, they get a redundancy package and they're gone.

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